Artwork Guidelines
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Additional information on the above formats

•All images MUST be supplied as CMYK and not RGB. Ensure all spot colours are named using PANTONE references.
•For bitmap graphics/images (PSD,JPEG.etc.) a minimum of 150 ppi (pixels per inch) at finished size is required for digital printing.
•When saving JPEG images, use the maximum quality compression setting available.
•Ensure any fonts used are converted to outlines (paths) or embedded in the file eg. PDF/EPS. Alternatively, please supply the fonts files used.
•Any artwork provided will be checked by us and a proof copy returned for approval before print production.

* We do not accept: Powerpoint, Word, Excel and Gif images or any low resolution images.*

Information on sending artwork.

•When artwork exceeds 10mb, we can receive artwork via FTP(file Transfer Protocol) email or on CD/DVD
•Email attachment size limit is 10mb 

*Screenfast will determine the usability of any artwork received and will inform you of 
any difficulties at the earliest opportunity to allow time to resubmit usable artwork.*

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